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Jagged Ben’s Ingenious Method for Adding Magnets to Intermodal Shipping Containers

I asked about the compatibility of intermodal shipping containers from different manufacturers (see this post) in the N and Z Scales forum at The Railwire on January 26, 2017. I got several good responses to my question, but contributor Jagged Ben pointed out his January 25, 2007 tutorial about installing magnets inside your containers to hold them… Read More »

Compatibility of Intermodal Shipping Containers from Different Manufacturers

I started a new thread, “Need Advice: Shipping Containers from Different Manufacturers”, in the N and Z Scales forum at The Railwire on January 26, 2017. So far I have 10 40’ intermodal shipping containers that came with a Kato 5-unit well car. I want some more and maybe some 20’ and 53’ containers too. Many manufacturers… Read More »