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NMRA Clearances for N Scale

Introduction These are the clearances for bridges, structures and tangent tracks for Old Time (pre-1920), Classic I (1920–1969), Classic II (1969–1983), and Modern (post-1983) eras. The numbers here are for N scale (1:160). The prototype (1:1) dimensions are given for conversion to other scales or you can check the NMRA standard to get information for other scales. The numbers… Read More »

How to Remove CA, Super Glue, Krazy Glue, etc.

CA (cyanoacrylate /ˌsaɪ ə nəʊ ˈækrɪ leɪt/) glues—also known by the brand names “Super Glue” and “Krazy Glue”—are good stuff! They are a family of strong, fast-acting adhesives with industrial, medical, and household uses. CA has a short shelf life if not used—about 12 months from the date of manufacture if unopened, one month after opening. A very thin… Read More »

Making N-Scale Flags

I was following a thread on The Railwire where the photos included a car traveling the layout that had had a flag added to the side of a car. (The thread wasn’t about the flag.) The flag looked like it had been cut out of a photo of a flag waving in the breeze. Personally, I… Read More »

Jagged Ben’s Ingenious Method for Adding Magnets to Intermodal Shipping Containers

I asked about the compatibility of intermodal shipping containers from different manufacturers (see this post) in the N and Z Scales forum at The Railwire on January 26, 2017. I got several good responses to my question, but contributor Jagged Ben pointed out his January 25, 2007 tutorial about installing magnets inside your containers to hold them… Read More »