Owl Free-moN Module



Track Plan



  • Main line track shall be Atlas code 55 nickel-silver flex or Atlas code 55 nickel-silver sectional track.
  • Main line turnouts shall be at least #7 with #10 used for cross-over switches.
  • At the end plates the track shall be centered perpendicular to the end, straight and level for at least 3 inches from the outside face of the end plate.
  • Double track main line spacing shall be 1.125 inches.

Version 1.00

Owl Free-moN Module v1.00

Owl Free-moN Module v1.00


Version 1.01






Wiring and Electrical


  • The Digitrax DCC system is the standard used by N-Land Pacific Free-moN.
  • Turnout frog, points, and point rails shall be powered in a manner that does not rely solely on the contact between the points and the stock rails.
  • Each module shall have a single 6-wire “RJ-12” phone jack mounted on the underside at the end plate, to connect the LocoNet between modules.
  • Modules four feet or longer shall have Digitrax UP5 or UR90 utility panel/receivers mounted on each side of the module for hand-held DCC throttle connection.


Free-moN is pronounced “free-moh-en”.