Kato Unitrack #4 Turnout Geometry

Kato Unitrack is designed around a 33 mm (1.2992 inch) track center-to-center. Using various changes in geometry you can also make 49.5 mm (1.9488 inch) and 66 mm (2.5984 inch) centers. You can see the 33 mm center-to-center in the curved track segment radii which increase in 33 mm increments, the double crossover tracks having… Read More »

Air Compressors: Single-Stage vs. Dual-Stage

“What is the difference between a single-stage and dual-stage air compressor?” That’s a question many people ask when shopping for a compressor. Air compressors come in two types: single-stage and dual-stage. The primary difference between the two is the number of times air gets compressed on the trip between being uncompressed outside air and being… Read More »

Buying an Airbrush

I’m looking for an airbrush so I’ve been scouring the Internet reading reviews and suggestions. Airbrushes from Badger, Iwata, and Paasche are mentioned a lot as being good choices, with Badger being mentioned the most. I figured I can’t go wrong with any of those. But which model to choose? There are so many models… Read More »

Mexican Railroads in N Scale

Published January 15, 2017 Updated January 19, 2017 Updated January 22, 2017 Updated February 7, 2017 Updated September 20, 2017 I like Mexican railroads. I see a lot of Ferromex locomotives and auto carriers on the local UP lines. I live near the UP’s Sunset Route from Long Beach, CA to Yuma, AZ. There isn’t… Read More »

Robertson’s Ready Mix (RRMX)

Published January 13, 2017 Updated January 18, 2017 Updated January 23, 2017 Cabazon Rock Plant #77 I drive on Interstate 10 between San Bernardino and Palm Springs, California on a regular basis. On the south side of the freeway near the Morongo Indian Reservation is a Robertson’s Ready Mix gravel pit (map)—Robertson’s calls it Cabazon Rock… Read More »