Union Pacific 9155

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”
— John Swigert, Jr., repeated seconds later by James A. Lovell, Apollo 13

Bachmann 61651 N EMD NW2 Union Pacific #9155

Bachmann 61651 N EMD NW2 Union Pacific #9155

The prototype Union Pacific #9155 was not an EMD NW2 as depicted by Bachmann’s model in the photo above. It was a GE C40-8, as seen in the photo below.

Union Pacific #9155. GE C40-8. Salem, Illinois. September 5, 2008. Photo by Justin Draper.

Union Pacific #9155. GE C40-8. Salem, Illinois. September 5, 2008. Photo by Justin Draper.


Manufacturer Bachmann
Mfg. Part No. 61651
Mfg. Description N EMD NW2 Union Pacific #9155
Release date
Length without couplers
Length including couplers


Since the Bachmann model is an EMD NW2 and not a GE C40-8 like the prototype, the prototype information below is for all NW2 locomotives, or if a specific Union Pacific unit number is known it is indicated.

General Information
Owner Union Pacific Railroad Company (reporting mark UP)
Manufacturer General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) All NW2
Model NW2 All NW2
Model Production Dates February 1939–December 1949 All NW2
Total Production 1145 All NW2
Order Number E328 #1010–1014
Build Date July 1940 #1010–1014
Serial Number 1123 (UP 1010)
1124 (UP 1011)
1125 (UP 1012)
1126 (UP 1013)
1127 (UP 1014)
Frame Number E328-1 (UP 1010)
E328-2 (UP 1011)
E328-3 (UP 1012)
E328-4 (UP 1013)
E328-5 (UP 1014)
Exterior Dimensions
Weight (Maximum) 248,000 lbs All NW2
Length 44’ 5” All NW2
Wheel Diameter 40” All NW2
Truck Wheel Base 8’ 0” All NW2
Height to Top of Engine Hood 11’ 8” All NW2
Height to Top of Cab 14’ 5” All NW2
Cab Width 9’ 11.5” All NW2
Engine Hood Width 7’ 0” All NW2
Top of Walkway 4’ 7.2” All NW2
Walkway Width 4’ 7.5” All NW2
Distance between Truck Centers 22’ 0” All NW2
Locomotive Wheel Base 30’ 0” All NW2
Minimum Turning Radius 57 degrees All NW2
Track Gauge 4’ 8½” (1,435 mm) standard gauge All NW2
Number of axles 4 All NW2
AAR wheel arrangement B–B All Nw2
Power type Diesel-electric All NW2
Engine Builder Electro-Motive Division, General Motors Corporation All NW2
Prime Mover EMD 12-567 or EMD 12-567A All NW2
Engine Type 45° V12, 6810 ci (111.48 L), two-stroke All NW2
Power Output 1,000 hp (750 kW) All NW2
Bore and Stroke  8.5”×10”  (216 mm×254 mm), 567.5 ci (9.29 L) per cylinder All NW2
RPM 275 min / 800 max All NW2
Main Generator GM – D15C All NW2
Gear Ratio 62:15 All NW2
Speed 65 mph All NW2
Traction Motor Blowers Mechanical Drive All NW2
Traction Motors 4 × GM D37 All NW2
Tractive Effort (starting) 62,500 lbs @ 30% All NW2
Tractive Effort (continuous) 31,000 lbs @ 11.0 mph All NW2
Multiple Unit Capability Optional All NW2
Dynamic Braking No All NW2
Auxiliary Generator GM All NW2
Alternator Delco All NW2
Air Brake Westinghouse All NW2
Model 24EL All NW2
Air Compressor Westinghouse All NW2
Model 3C2C All NW2
Fuel Oil 600 All NW2
Lubricating Oil 165 All NW2
Engine Cooling Water 220 All NW2
Sand Capacity 28 cf. All NW2


  1. Distinguishing features include two stacks in the middle of the hood, a half-height radiator grille, no sand box on the front platform, and no small louvers at the top front corners of the sides of the hood. The predecessor of the NW2 was the NW1. The “N” in NW1 stands for the “9” in 900 hp (670 kW). The “W” in both models stands for welded frame.