TTX 750767

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Model Info
Manufacturer Kato
Brand Kato USA
Mfg. Part No. 106-6141
Mfg. Description Gunderson Maxi-I Double Stack Car 5 Unit Set
Set comes with 10 40-foot APL containers.
Release Date April 2013
Original Retail Price $150.00
Prototype Description
Scale N (1:160)
General Info
Road or Company Name TTX Company (formerly Trailer Train)
Reporting Marks DTTX
Road Number 750767
Region North America
Length without couplers
Length including couplers
Original Weight
NMRA Ideal Weight
Actual Weight
Paint Color(s) Yellow and Black with Blue Containers
Print Color(s) Black
Coupler Mount [Body Mount or Truck Mount?]
Coupler Type Kato Operating Knuckle
Wheel Type Chemically Blackened Metal
Wheel Profile Small Flange (Low Profile)
Item Category Rolling Stock (Freight)
Model Type Container Car
Model Subtype Articulated Well
Model Variety Maxi-I
Body Material


Gunderson Double Stack Maxi-Stack I Car

Gunderson Double Stack Maxi-Stack I Car

General Information
Original Owner
Intermediate Owner
Current Owner TTX Company (formerly Trailer Train)
Manufacturer Gunderson (Greenbrier Companies)
Model/Class Maxi-Stack I
Build Date
First Run
Retired Date
Restored Date
Serial Number
Total Produced
AAR Class FCA: Flat car, articulated multi-unit, specially equipped to carry trailers, containers, chassis, or removable trailer bodies for the transportation of freight in TOFC/COFC service.[RRPA1]
AAR Type S162[RRPA1]
Extreme Length
Length, Over Couplers 265’ 1.5”[GUND]
Extreme Width 10’ 8”[GUND]
Extreme Height 20’ 2”[GUND]
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold 4’ 9.375”[GUND]
Inside Length 50’ 2”[GUND]
Inside Width N/A
Inside Height N/A
Clearance N/A
Plate H[RRPA1]
Door Opening Width N/A
Empty Weight 177,200 pounds[GUND]
Maximum Load 623,500 pounds[GUND]
Gross Rail Load 800,500 pounds[GUND]
Cubic Capacity N/A
Gallon Capacity N/A
Curve Negotiability Radius
Uncoupled 180 feet[GUND]
Coupled to Like Car 248 feet[GUND]
Coupled to Base Car 245 feet[GUND]



Note 1. “Double-Stack Intermodal Railcars — The DTTX-marked double-stack railcar design enables railroads to carry two intermodal containers stacked on top of each other. Many TTX double-stacks are articulated (sharing wheels between the car’s units), which reduces slack action and improves the ride quality for fragile cargo. Intermodal double-stack wells come in different configurations. The most common are 5-unit, 40-foot articulated railcars for carrying 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot international containers, and 3-unit, 53-foot articulated railcars for transporting 53-foot containers. TTX is a major supplier of intermodal double-stack wells to the industry with a fleet of over 116,000 wells of capacity.”[TTX1]

Note 2. “Stack Car, Wells: All 40ft, Five Wells, IBC Type Heavy Capacity (125 Ton Trucks), 2-20ft or 1-40ft container(s) in all wells and 1-40ft, 45ft or 48ft container stacked on top of all wells.”[RRPA1]


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