Southern Pacific 4449


Manufacturer Kato
Mfg. Part No. 126-0307
Mfg. Description N 4-8-4 GS-4 Southern Pacific Lines. Has forward mounted train number boards.[1]
Release date
DCC decoder Kato EM13
Length without couplers
Length including couplers
Prototype Description From Kato USA:

Prototype Information

The GS-4 runs on eight massive 80” drivers, 300 psi boiler pressure, and puts out a roaring 5,500 horsepower at 55mph, with a maximum speed of 110 mph. The large drivers gave the locomotive a high top speed; the telling mark of a steam engine built for passenger service. The GS-4 was built for the Southern Pacific Railroad by the Lima Locomotive Works and delivered in the early 1940’s for the SP’s premier passenger trains, finding its way to the Daylight series of name trains. One of the more unique specifications for the GS-4 by the SP was its Mars light, a necessity with the large amount of grade crossings and fog present on the West Coast. The Mars light, like ditch lights on modern locomotives, was utilized as a warning for grade crossings that a high speed train was approaching, its shifting light patterns serving as an eye catcher in foggy conditions.

About the “American Freedom Train” GS-4 Scheme

From 1975 to 1976, in celebration of the United States’ 200th birthday, GS-4 #4449 was re-painted into a striking red, white, and blue paint scheme, and put into excursion duty pulling a special display train all around the United States.

About the BNSF Excursion Black GS-4 Scheme

In 2000, the Daylight was repainted black and silver for a Burlington Northern Santa Fe employee appreciation special. It was to celebrate the BNSF freight railroad and to commemorate the days of the 4449 and other GS locomotives assigned to freight, helper, or local passenger trains. This train excursion went through Seattle, Washington and then east into Montana before heading back to her home in Portland, Oregon.


General Information
Original Owner Southern Pacific Railroad[1]
Current Owner City of Portland, Oregon[3]
Manufacturer Lima Locomotive Works[1][2]
Model / Class GS-4[1] (Golden State or General Service)
Build date May 1941[3] See Note 1.
First Run May 30, 1941[3]
Retired Date October 2, 1957[3]
Restored Date April 21, 1975[3]
Disposition Operational. Based in Portland, Oregon, at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.
Serial Number 7817[3]
Model production number units 28[2]
Model production dates April–May 1941[2], March–April 1942[2]
Exterior Dimensions
Locomotive Weight 475,000 lb[3] (215,000 kg)[3]
Total Weight 788,730 lb [3](357,760 kg)[3]
Adhesive Weight 275,700 lb[3] (125,100 kg)[3]
Length 110 ft[3] (34 m)[3]
Width 10 ft[3] (3 m)[3]
Height 16 ft[3] (5 m)[3]
Driver Wheel Diameter 80 in[1] (2,032 mm)
Minimum Turning Radius
Track Gauge 4 ft 8 ½ in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Whyte Configuration 4–8–4
Maximum Speed 110 mph[1] (177 kph)
Power Output 5,500 hp[3] (4,100 kW)[3]
Tractive Effort 66,326 lbf[3] (295,030 N)[3]
78,000 lbf[3] (350,000 N)[3] with booster
Factor of Adhesion 4.16[3]
Power type Steam
Boiler Pressure 300 psi[1] (2068.427 kPa)
Bore and Stroke 25.5 in × 32 in[3] (648 mm × 813 mm)[3]
Fuel Capacity 6,275 gallons[3] bunker oil
Water 23,300 gallons[3]
Options Mars light[1]


In 1984, 4449 pulled an all-Daylight-painted train from Portland to New Orleans, Louisiana and back, to publicize the World’s Fair. The 7,477-mile (12,033 km) round trip was the longest steam train excursion in US history.[3]


Note 1. 4449 was the last engine manufactured in Southern Pacific’s first order of GS-4 (Golden State or General Service) locomotives.[3]

Note 2. _____.


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Friends of SP 4449

Oregon Rail Heritage Center — Railway museum. Located at 2250 SE Water Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214, (503) 233-1156.

Southern Pacific Coast Daylight