Soo Line 73465


Model Info
Manufacturer Micro-Trains Line
Brand Micro-Trains Line
Mfg. Part No. 94150 (New Style Part No. 094 00 150)
Mfg. Description 3-Bay ACF Center Flow Covered Hopper w/ Elongated Hatches
Release Date March 1999
Original Retail Price $23.60
Prototype Description
Scale N (1:160)
General Info
Road or Company Name Soo Line Railroad
Reporting Marks SOO
Road Number 73465
Region North America
Era Era IV: 1958–1978
Length without Couplers 3.92 in (99.6 mm)
Length including Couplers
Width 0.80 in
Original Weight
NMRA Ideal Weight 1.088 ounces = 0.5 + (3.92 × .15) ounces
Actual Weight
Wheel Diameter 0.206 in (5.2 mm) / 33 in
Axle Length 0.540 in (12.8 mm)
Paint Color(s) Light Grey, Colormark Scheme
Print Color(s)
Coupler Mount Truck mount.
Coupler Type MT Magne-Matic Knuckle
Wheel Type Injection Molded Plastic
Wheel Profile
Item Category Rolling Stock (Freight)
Model Type Covered Hopper
Model Subtype 3-Bay
Model Variety ACF Centerflow 4650 Cubic Foot Elongated Hatch
Body Material Plastic


General Information
Original Owner
Intermediate Owner
Current Owner Soo Line Railroad
Manufacturer American Car & Foundry
Build Date (Built 1964–1972)
First Run
Retired Date
Restored Date
Serial Number
Total Produced
AAR Class
AAR Type
Uses Grain, soda ash, plastic pellets.[TROV]
Covered Hopper, 3-Bay, ACF 4650
Extreme Length
Length, Over Couplers
Extreme Width
Extreme Height
Height, Top of Rail to Threshold
Inside Length
Inside Width
Inside Height
Door Opening Width
Empty Weight
Maximum Load
Gross Rail Load
Cubic Capacity
Gallon Capacity
Curve Negotiability Radius
Coupled to Like Car
Coupled to Base Car



Note 1. “Prototype History: Production of the 4650-cubic foot 3-bay cars began in 1964. ACF built 2504 examples at Huntington, WV, between 1964 and 1972. The ACF 4650 c.f. 3-bay hopper was the same height and width as the 5250 c.f. 4-bay car but several feet shorter in length (and only had 3 bays!). Some railroads that were not concerned about having the larger plate C clearance 4650 c.f. cars (which could not be used on all branchlines or at all loading facilities) opted for large fleets of 4650 c.f. cars instead of 4600 c.f. UP and SP were two such railroads (all of the current UP 4600 c.f. cars came from either MP or C&NW heritage).”[TROV]

Note 2. “Hatches: 6 30”, 6 20”, 3 pressed steel elongated (SP, SSW) 3 piece pressed steel continuous or 4 piece FRP continuous. Outlets: Several types of bolted or welded on outlets are used. Uses: Grain, soda ash, platic pellets. Trucks: 77 ton friction or roller bearing. 86 had 100 ton roller bearing.”[TROV]

Note 3. _____.


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